Kidtee Hello (kittiegrr) wrote in templeofmisery,
Kidtee Hello

yo show in may with hungry lucy

I am planing on a benifit show where all proceeds would go to the cannon art collective for art supplies, I was wondering if you guys would like to play too?
Right now date is in there air because I am still in search of the right building all I know is it will be in may. I am looking for a place that will hold anywhere from 150-500 kids but cheep enough to be afordable on a small budget.
But anyways I mainly looking for volinteer type stuff but...
Lemmie know all the fun money stuff:)!
Bye they way seen ya guys play with hungry lucy and cruxshadows and ya rocked so hehehe couldn't help but ask:)!

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Sounds really cool! Now, when you say "kids", from what age up do you mean? I assume you don't mean like *little kids*. You mean like an "All Ages Show", right? Silly question but just gotta check because, as you know, our music isn't exactly "child friendly". Haha!

We wouldn't ask for much but we do have to ask for *something* because we need money for our studio fund. We can talk specifics through email. What's your contact email?

And thanks so much for the kinds words!
oh no no not little kids hehe ya all ages though...

and anytime:)