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3 New Club Nights in Dayton

1470 West used to be where we would all hang out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Now that 1470 West has closed, 3 different clubs have picked those nights up for the goth/industrial/electronic scene. The scene is far from dead.


The Foundry Night Club
26 Wyandot Street in Downtown Dayton
1 block East of Patterson Blvd., between East Third and Fourth Streets
(937) 222-8550
Pics from the first night 6-3-04

DJ: DJ Kyle Thirteen
Cover: $5 for 18 & up
Time: 10 PM - 3 AM

Haven't made it out there yet, sorry! I hear they have fantastic drink specials and that it's a huge club. Looks cool, and fun from the pics so go check it out! FREE PARKING.

Best drink for your money:
* These are solid drink specials: $1 pint-sized drafts, $3 Long Islands, $4 Jager Bombs
- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Revolution at The Parallax Club (directly next to Club Fusion)
605 S. Patterson Blvd, Dayton
(937) 222-8663

DJs: DJ Cap (the regular Saturday night DJ from 1470 West) and Mr. IndustrialPants
Cover: $4 for 18 & up
Time: 10 PM - 3 AM

Notes: At least half of the staff came over from 14's including Mike the bartender. A more casual basement-like atmosphere, very clean venue, great music, crowd is growing quickly. You should definitely check it out! FREE PARKING.

Best drink for your money: $3 for a 22 oz. Rolling Rock
- - - - - - - - - - - - -


DNA (2nd floor of El Diablo)
135 E. Second St. (across the street from 1470 West), Dayton
(937) 331-9096

DJs: DJ Cap and DJ Cro (both from Saturdays at 1470 West) and DJ Bob will be guest DJing again this Saturday
Cover: $3 for 18 & up
Time: 11 PM - 3 AM

Notes: A classy club that is trying hard to cater to the scene from 14's. Great music, VERY clean venue, good turnout for the the first night last week. A pizza guy came in and sold pizza for $7 a pie - good pizza! Sitting areas with a giant TV, waterfall decor behind the bar, lots of neon. FREE PARKING.

Best drink for your money: $1 drafts and $1.50 drink specials that change each week (last week it was Miller High Life)

DNA also specializes in fancy drinks, such as martinis.

This club has a lot of potential and is a great continuation for 14's, and yay for having a place to go in Dayton on Saturdays still. HIGHLY recommended!
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