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A few celebrations within the Temple [Mar. 1st, 2004|05:21 pm]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |busybusy]

What a wonderful and busy week!

March 1st - TODAY
Happy Bandiversary - 4 years and going strong! We just came to the realization that our bandiversary (and also DAE) line up with whatever year we are in. How cool!

March 2nd
5 years for malevolent_rayn and I - awwwwwwww =)

March 4th
Happy Birthday to malevolent_rayn

Now come and celebrate with us this Friday at DAE 4!
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Dark Arts Expo 4 Poster [Mar. 1st, 2004|03:49 am]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |busybusy]

This is super super late, but I just got it from the artist who did it. Better late than never, I suppose.

Anyway... it's a bad ass poster. And I updated the info page to include the new artists and DJs. Click the banner to check out the latest!

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Dark Arts Expo 4 [Feb. 26th, 2004|01:24 am]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |busybusy]

Go here for all of the latest details...to see bands, DJs, artists

Dark Arts Expo Info Page

...Poster image coming SOON

Still looking for visual artists! If you are interested, email templeofmisery@angelfire.com and we'll send you the details.
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Next show - this Friday January 23rd [Jan. 20th, 2004|04:35 pm]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |busybusy]


Our next show is this Friday in Dayton at 1470 West. Come listen to new music - some that will be debuting this night!

Bleeding for Tomorrow - 9:30 PM
Hand of Karma - 10 PM
Occam's Razor - CD Release Party
Temple of Misery - new music

1470 West
34 N Jefferson Street
Dayton, OH

$6 cover for age 16 + with valid ID


The 4th annual Dark Arts Expo will be held on March 5, 2004 at 1470 West in Dayton, Ohio. We are currently rounding up artists, so if you are interested, now is the time to contact us! Any medium is accepted including (but not limited to) paintings, drawings, photography, fashion design, & sculpture. Email us at templeofmisery@angelfire.com if interested in participating. Last year's expo was a huge success and the event just keeps growing bigger every year.

Also, we are looking for artists to design the Expo flyer and/or poster with original artwork. Email us at templeofmisery@angelfire.com if interested.

Dark Arts Expo 2004 - It's to be "a musical evening of visual entertainment" that you don't want to miss!
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Press Release [Dec. 12th, 2003|08:29 am]
Temple of Misery fans
Courtesy of Moving Hands Music Magazine

Debut album from DEKOY next year
US based electronic band, DEKOY, featuring David Barnes (aka d_b) and BaZa, are releasing their first full length CD February 14, 2004 entitled "Redux:Heartwerk V2". DEKOY released the promo "Heartwerk", which included the hit "Your Heart" in June of 2003 with much success in the club circuit.
With rave reviews by DJ's, magazines, and many websites, and earning such titles as #1 wake-up call CD in Asleep by Dawn's September's charts, Dekoy is set to light a fire under today's electronic music scene.The digipak CD features 13 songs CD and comes with guest vocals by two of the scene's most talented female voices. Kristy Venrick, from the "The Azoic", shines on "Salvation" while Lygia Travesty from goth rock fame "Temple of Misery" gives her vocal prowess on "I Live Again". “Redux” is being released thru the Cemetary 47 label they created and is available thru their website.


/Fredric Düring
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Halloween show pics finally up! [Nov. 13th, 2003|11:38 am]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |curiouscurious]

Well, I wanted to get these up earlier, and our camera has been acting up lately so the shots are foggy (WTF?), but the pics from our Halloween show are now up.
You know you wanna look

And here's an exclusive close-up photo of Odd Lee Enuff that is not on the website. It's foggy too, sorry! (And there was no fog on stage for our show)

Does anyone else have any pics from this show or know someone who does?
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Dekoy Update [Nov. 11th, 2003|11:43 am]
Temple of Misery fans
Finally, we finished all changes being made to the songs. The 5 originsl songs from "Heartwerk" are pretty intact, yet refined. We changed very minimal. Most of the changes were due to the fact that we couldn't use a few of the samples commercially.
Here is a rundown with a brief description.

1. Intro
2. Silent Space-Tightened up vocal wise and changed some samples
3. Salvation- Song we did with Kristy from The Azoic.
4. Your Heart-Replaced a few samples with something different.
5. Shatter-Pretty different song for us. Awesome tune.
6. Free-Most likely the best dance tune on the CD.
7. I will remember-Slower, most emotional song.
8. I live again-This song is fun. Temple of Misery's Lygia Travesty helped here.
9. Take the Pain-Very creative dance song. Great lyrics. Great overall song.
10. Shoot to Kill-Very minimal production changes.
11. Darkest Eve-Minimal production changes to bring vocals out. Slight bass reduction
12. Submission-Again, minimal changes in production to bring vocals out.
13. Outro

The Cd is being sent out for mastering in 1 week. We expect a 3 month turnaround for mastering and printing. This is approx of course.
We are now concentrating on the CD booklet and the website. Expect the website sometime Janurary (approx).
That should keep our time-line for a February release on schedule. Right around my birthday. There will be some official press releases sent out once we get closer and an exact date will be released. Alot of that depends on the mastering. Any Dj's who got "Heartwerk" will most likely get "Redux". Other than that, the CD will be available through our website and distributors TBA.
Be prepared.
Go to http://www.dekoy.us to keep up on the latest.
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"In the Eye of Misery" - newsletter post [Nov. 7th, 2003|12:25 pm]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |workingworking]
[music |Seraphim Shock]

Going forward, we'll post our newsletter here when it's sent out. But for the first post, we're combining the last few issues for you.

"Human Machine", the first single from our upcoming album "Sweet Malevolence", is now available to stream and download on soundclick.com. This is the Limited Edition version and not the one that will be on the album. It's gotten an amazing response so far as it's only been up for 4 days. Here are the stats as of today:

# 2 out of 93 on the Goth-rock charts
# 20 out of 4580 on the Rock charts

That's incredible and we thank you for all of your support - this wouldn't be possible without you!

YOU can help us! Make us # 1!
If you haven't heard it yet, go listen to it. (If you've heard it already, go listen to it again!) It's fast and guitar heavy and has been described as "the spooky disco song" and "the Scooby Doo graveyard song" so far. And yes, you can dance to it!

Tell your friends. The more people that listen to it, the higher it will place in the charts. Each play or download counts for us and if you have an account there, you can vote for us too. Signing up for an account is painless, FREE, and takes just a few minutes. But at the very least, go play or download the track.

Listen to "Human Machine" Now

Click here for more news about feature story and the Halloween show re-capCollapse )
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Welcome to the new Temple of Misery community [Nov. 6th, 2003|04:29 pm]
Temple of Misery fans

[mood |productiveproductive]

I know you've been waiting very patiently...

I thought it was about time to get this community running since it already has 12 members! This is my first attempt at running a LJ community, so please bear with me. malevolent_rayn and I are the moderators.

I would love to see this place grow because I have many ideas for what I want to do with it. I want to start and organize a street team, for one. And I want this place to be interactive and busy! I didn't create this just to spit information out to you about the band. There will be polls and plenty of opportunity to get your feedback, besides this being the new (and 3rd incarnation of the) ToM message board. Please be involved as little or as much as you want to be.

We do need a community icon which I can make this week, unless someone else wants to make one. I know some of you are far more graphically talented than I am! ;)

Things are just starting to get busy for Temple of Misery and we have a lot in store for you so...

Thanks and let's get this shindig started!
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